Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
19 May 2019 (13:18) Fixed a bug where the firewall didn't disappear after matches.
17 May 2019 (17:58) Mummy lover now also rewards players with a mummy outfit.
17 May 2019 (17:57) Necromaster now also rewards players with a necromancer outfit.
17 May 2019 (17:57) Made it possible to reward monster outfits. To change into a monster, just set outfit in-game and re-log.
27 January 2019 (22:13) Implemented more achievements.
27 January 2019 (22:13) Added support for mounts as reward from achievements. Note: Mounts give no movement speed. Its purely cosmetic.
07 January 2019 (15:52) The one with the most points at the end of the week now gets the "Champions crib" house near the temple.
07 January 2019 (15:52) Added a list of top players this week to the website.
05 January 2019 (20:04) Added a war room with a portal to queue for battle royale and a commentator NPC.
05 January 2019 (18:30) You no longer get kicked out of the game for landing too far away from land.
06 January 2019 (01:31) by GM Klaffen - Plane upgraded ;)

Turned the plane into a fence rocket. The teleports can be used to jump off the plane.

14 September 2018 (18:42) by GM Klaffen - Cloth is in the air!

Pieces of cloth in the air now gives players an idea of where they are whilst flying above water.


13 September 2018 (18:54) by GM Klaffen - Item enhancing

New system implemented.
During a match you can walk to this new house north of wild warriors and enhance/upgrade certain items.
When you pull the lever, it will go through every item placed and combine them if possible.
It takes 30 seconds to combine items.
Multiple items can be combined at the same time.
I might make it warn the other players that items are being combined.
Coal basins on the roof lights up whenever an item is being made.

Current combinations:
Blank rune + Enchanted ruby -> Sudden Death Rune
Thaian sword + 5x Enchanted Rubies -> Magic longsword
Any spell scroll + 3x Enchanted Rubies -> Exura Sio spell (400 mana, strong heal)

Thaian sword can be found in T3 chests.
Blank runes can be made by casting "adori blank" - 400 mana cost, 5 min cooldown
I am open for suggestions.

13 January 2018 (14:26) by GM Znote - World map & Automap tutorial

Greetings fellow testers. 

Here is a picture of the worlds mini map:
A big part of PUBG is knowing the world. Since there is currently no way to get to know the world without using precious time during a match, I have decided to release a minimap of the main floor.

This minimap was generated with my GM account to ensure the whole mainland is covered, and might save you when you need to find the most optimal path to get away from that burning wall.

The world is a bit small for a 100 players, so I might work on expanding it in the future. 

To get the minimap in your tibia client, open up your tibia's roaming profile, you can do this by executing this run command:
0: Make sure that you have closed the client.
1: Delete (or backup / rename) the existing Automap folder.
2: Download the new Automap HERE.
3: Extract the Automap folder from the downloaded .zip archive into the tibia's roaming profile.

08 January 2018 (16:24) by GM Znote - Prototyping = Forever alone